New York Academy of Sciences "Think Tank"

New York Academy of Sciences “Think Tank”
By: Susan Poteat – Patient Advocate

I spent the last 2 days at a “Think Tank” meeting at the New York Academy of Sciences. FDA, pharma, biostatisticians, bioethicists and advocates were all there and I was lucky enough to be one of the advocates invited to attend. And lucky enough to spread the word about the research underfunding and the opportunities in kidney cancer.
The topics at the meeting included :
· How to speed drug development and still produce good clinical data

· How to make clinical trials more effective and less costly

· Expanded access to patients for drugs not yet approved

· How can science, regulators and patients work together toward the same goals?

For patients here is the big message:
Clinical trials cannot move forward without you. Without patient enrollment, there are no trial results. Without trial results, there are no new drug approvals. We need kidney cancer patients to be informed and aware of trials as a treatment option and to share that information with others.
Watch JNKCF for more important information on the trials, with a special focus on trials in the North Florida region.

Scott Nicholson