Powerful Patient Podcast - JNKCF

Mike, Joyce, and Robin of PowerfulPatient.org speak with Nick Nicholson, founder of the Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation.  Nick shares the story of his late wife Judy who was diagnosed with kidney cancer after it had already spread to other parts of her body.  Nick and Judy wanted to help other families going through their own stressful experiences with kidney cancer.

Mr. Nicholson talks about the programs offered by the Foundation, and the new directions they are embarking on. They have been providing assistance primarily in Florida, but are now organizing a chapter in Illinois, and are organizing patient/provider symposia in several cities across the United States. At the symposium there are 5 professional speakers and at least one survivor speaker, plus plenty of time for patients to interact with each other and with the professionals in the room.

For more information, see the Judy Nicholson Foundation website.

Mr. Nicholson mentions being inspired by attending an international meeting of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition.

Events are listed on this page.

Symposia are being planned for Miami, Jacksonville, and Philadelphia.  Details will be posted as they become available.  The Miami event is being planned with simultaneous translation into Spanish language.

Among the services offered on the website are a series of Patient Support Videos — interviewing patients, survivors, caregivers and other healthcare professionals on the latest treatments, procedures, prevention and more in the realm of Kidney Cancer and seeking to promote awareness.

Scott Nicholson