Patient Support Videos

This video series interviews patients, survivors, caregivers and other healthcare professionals on the latest treatments, procedures, prevention and more in the realm of Kidney Cancer and seeks to promote awareness.


Interview with Dr. Bijoy P. Telivala or cancer specialists in North Florida

Dr. Bijoy P. Telivala is a Cancer Specialist in North Florida working to bring Clinical Trials to patients in the area.


The Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation talks with Dr. John "Al" Copland about the treatments being discovered at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville to provide hope for a cure for some cancers.

Patient Support Speaker Series #7: Casey Koehler

Today we have a Health Educator with a Bachelor's degree in Food, Science and Human Nutrition to talk with you today about diets and eating right when you have been diagnosed with RCC. We welcome any questions you have for Casey Koehler!

Patient Support Speaker Series #5: Deb Maskens

Check out this live video for the Patient Support Speaker Series from the Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation. Today our Speaker is Deb Maskens who is a Cancer survivor. She's here to answer your questions about treatments, diagnosis and clinical trials!

live q&A with kidney cancer patient, gary poteat

A live Q&A session with a husband and wife who have a tremendous amount of experience with Renal Cell Carcinoma and clinical trials. Please welcome Gary & Susan Poteat to our latest addition of the Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation Patient Support Speaker Series!

Patient Support Speaker Series #4: Dr. Winston Tan

Join us for our Patient Support Speaker Series #4: Dr. Winston Tan, MD, Oncologist, Mayo Clinic.

Patient Support Speaker Series #8: Caren Hughes

Today we are joined by Caren Hughes, Clinical Pharmacist, Oncology at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida. She's here to provide insight into the medications, treatment and financial assistance you can receive once diagnosed.